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Our REview   

A Nourishing & Comforting Dairy Free Breakfast

One of my favourite breakfast products I have come across in a long time is this Instant Porridge mix from Botanika Blends. 

It has a delicious sweet Apple Pie flavour and is filled with organic whole grain rolled oats, plant protein, prebiotics, probiotics and a tasty mix of super seeds such as chia, hemp, sunflower seeds and pepitas. 

There are so many health benefits in this blend such as:

  • 16g protein per serve
  • Omega 3 healthy fats, essential minerals such as iron and calcium
  • Full of fibre, prebiotics and probiotics for good gut health and immune boosting
  • All natural, no artificial flavours, colours, sweeteners or dairy.


Okay, I get it, your probably thinking, “that’s great Kell, but what do you really think?”

That’s easy! First of all – I absolutely love how quick and easy it is. I am not a morning person, I don’t like to fuss in the morning, I just need something simple and this is perfect. 4 tablespoons and boiling water and stir. That is it! Add some fruit or yoghurt if you want to mix it up, or not, it tastes really good as is.

Perfect for work, when you are away, or when you are just busy dealing with everything else and you want to try and make sure you get a good healthy breakfast too.

I was also a bit surprised with how much I enjoyed the seeds. The pepitas are my favourite, not too much, not too little. I was also really happy with how creamy it is just with water. The Apple Pie flavour is delish, it’s quite sweet to start with from the natural stevia but you get used to it very very quick. In fact, it also makes an extremely good afternoon snack when you hit that slump and are craving something extra.




Easy, it comes in a big 1kg bag which gets you 16 serves or you can also buy it in a sample size packet of 60g.

Available in the store now!

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