Dairy Free Snack Guide for Kids


Lately I have been chatting with a lot of mums I know and most, if not all, mention how hard it can be to find good, healthy, dairy free snacks that their kids are actually going to eat.

I totally get that. I would love to provide beautiful, colourful raw and whole food lunches for my kids every day, but that is really hard for me to maintain. I feel that even in the most organised and dedicated of households, it is always a good thing to have some healthy and nutritious snacks in the pantry for your little ones, whether for school, morning or afternoon snacks, or for on the run between activities and social events. The trick seems to be finding products that will taste good, and won’t make there way back home to you by the end of the day or even into the bin!

Just Starting Out

My kids are relatively new to eating dairy free (lactose intolerance and for good health), so I find there taste buds are still adjusting and there are certain things they just will not even try. So I feel fairly confident in recommending these snacks for you if your starting out or just looking for some healthy options.

East Bali Cashew Granola Bites with Coconut Banana 125g Dairy Free Store
East Bali Cashews Granola Bites

These are a firm family favourite, even Dad loves them. A yummy tropical vegan snack with cashews, coconut & bananas oven baked into little clusters or “bites”. They are plant based, free from preservatives & dairy. Your whole family will be wanting some of these

Alter Eco Dark Chocolate Coconut Clusters Cherry Almond Butter 91g Dairy Free Store
Alter Eco Dark Chocolate Coconut Clusters Cherry & Almond Butter

This flavour in particular absolutely flies off our shelves and will appeal to parents and kids. Light & crispy coconut flakes mixed with dark chocolate, cherries and almond butter made into little clusters. Organic, vegan, free from dairy & gluten

J Luehders Soft Vegan Candy Red Berries
J. Luehders Soft Candy Lollies

These vegan lollies are an excellent pick for the fussiest of taste buds. Made from 20% real fruit juice, they are fruity and sweet and are completely free from dairy, gelatin, artificial colours and flavours! Our absolute favourite flavour is Red Berries

School Friendly & Lunchbox Ready

Now this is a very popular category. We are always on the hunt for great snacks to go into the lunchbox that don’t contain any nuts (we have a no nut policy at our school). Here are some of our customer’s favourites. 

Banana Joe Sea Salt Banana Chips 1 x 46.8g Dairy Free Store
Banana Joes Banana Chips

A fab tasty snack that are sure to be eaten. Not all banana chips are the same! These are made using green bananas (lower sugar content and high prebiotic fibers). And are hand cooked on the same day for extra freshness. They help support digestive health & immune function.

Keto Naturals Crispy Cauli Barbecue Bites Dairy Free Store
Keto Naturals Crispy Cauli

You might want these all to yourself! You actually get 1 full fresh cauliflower head per packet in these delicious keto crispy snacks with no dairy, nuts, gluten, grains or fake flavours. They come in 3 great yummy flavours but I find my kids love the barbecue bites the best.  

Happy Way Strawberry Vanilla Whip Organic Snack
Happy Way Organic Snack Bar

These actually make quite a good snack to keep in the handbag (not just for kids!). All organic with natural sugars and a smaller size great for smaller tummies. May contain traces of egg, tree nuts & peanuts so check in with your school’s nut policy to be sure.

Special Occasions & Sweet Treats

Who doesn’t love some chocolate? I find kids, especially mine, will be a bit fussy about dark chocolate so these brands are particularly awesome as they have a similar taste to real milk chocolate without the dairy. Also, with Easter swiftly coming up, now is a great time to check out these special products.

Moo Free Easter Eggs

A wonderful brand that is vegan, tastes like real chocolate but is actually free from dairy, gluten & soya. The egg protectors in the packaging are made from recycled plastic and can be recycled again!

So Free Mini Eggs in Bunny Bow Tie Box 65g Dairy Free Store
So Free (Plamil)

A very popular vegan brand with delicious tasting chocolate that contains no dairy, lactose, wheat or gluten. Made in a factory that never uses dairy or gluten. There is absolutely no need for kids to miss out this Easter!

Vego Hazelnuts Spread Dairy Free Store

A brilliant range of vegan hazelnut chocolate that are so smooth and creamy you will be amazed they are dairy free. There are a few options of bars, including white chocolate and fruit and nuts and also a yummy and very popular vego spread!

More Advanced Healthy Snacker

Do you have a family that are already pretty awesome at eating healthy and natural? That is so fantastic! Maybe you would like to give these snacks a go. At Dairy Free Store we are always on the look out for brands that are of only the highest quality ingredients and follow sustainable and ethical farming practices who also support their local communities.

EXTRAORDINARY FOODS Pure - Kale Chips Cashew Vegan 'Cheese' 45g Dairy Free Store
Pure Snack Probiotic Kale Chips

Nourishing farm fresh local and organic kale snacks with shielded probiotics that support your digestive and immune health. 3 great flavours. A beautiful Australian company in Byron Bay that use organic, sustainable farming practices and recyclable packaging

Gimme Organic Sea Salt Roasted Seaweed Snacks 10g Dairy Free Store
GimMe Organic Seaweed Snacks

These premium roasted seaweed snacks are full of plant based protein, fibre and essential nutrients for a healthy body and mind. More nutrient dense then any land vegetable! This is a family company that only uses Certified organic and Non-GMO Project Verified seaweed sustainably cultivated and harvested in South Korea. 

Like to know more?

Would you like to find out some more about these snacks or have a look at some of our other yummy products in the snack range? Click on the images for extra details, ingredients and nutritional information. 

Happy Snacking!

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